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คุณกำลังทำงาน HR แบบใด

 Operating Model


HR designed

'Service delivery' efficiency


Iterative & real-time design of creative solutions


Low cost and scale 

Real-time feedback, self services, and workforce segments


Take months/quarter to design. Rolled out as large change management programs

Run with regular roadmap updates and change agility; not big bang roll-outs

HR domains

Recruitment, learning, rewarding, etc.
Operate as interconnected silos

HR Biz Partner

Embeded but not fully empowered

HR programs driven by

User needs

Integrated whole, shared insights and working as cross-functional problems; not programs

Operate as lead consultant to the business

Talent Intelligence, data, analytics & insight

HR leadership focus

Multiple HR experience and industry practices

Measured by

Cost of service, employee experience, retention

Business alignment, systems thinking, transformation, external benchmarking

Driver of reinvention, transformation, reskilling, agility, productivity, business growth

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